Law of Attraction

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Get what you want with The Law of attraction!

Anything you want in life is within your reach! Believe it to achieve it!

The first question to ask yourself is: “what do I want to achieve?” (What result are you looking for?).

Be very specific! If you want a car, what kind of car?What colour is it? When do you want it? Once you have a clear picture, send that message out to the universe! More importantly, believe that it’s on its way! Feel that excitement like you’re already driving it! Feel the feelings that driving it would bring. Get revved up, then let it go!

The key is in believing, avoiding negative self-talk.

Here’s how it’s done!

Next step is to figure out what it is that you need to do to get it! Yes, you do need to be proactive! And, although anything can be yours, it’s not gonna just fall into your lap! No worries though, no matter what you’re wanting, all is possible!

The Law of Attraction is a proven, not just a theory. Here’s how it works!

Everything is made up of tiny molecules, all of which are electrically charged particles. If you took any item and viewed it under a microscope, you would clearly see how these particles are constantly bouncing off of each other. Depending on it’s (+) or (-) energy, the particles attract similar. Sorta like a magnet, it either pulls towards or pushes away from other molecules depending on its negative or positive charge. Pretty fascinating right?

Our bodies are made up of millions of these electrically charged particles, therefore; we attract exactly what our energy(electrically charged particles)demand.

We already know that most, if not all, medical conditions are directly linked to stress! Those who have developed great coping mechanism or those who have generally happy lives, do not suffer from near the ailments. This is due to release of “happy” chemicals (hormones), important for a strong immune system. Joggers know these “happy” hormones well (enkephalins/endorphins).  These people also tend to have the best luck!  Why? 

Because having a positive (I know it’s gonna happen) energy, will attract more of the same, bringing your desires to fruition. The same goes for a negative attitude. Don’t believe me? Just think about how many times you’ve been in a hurry to get somewhere, and you hit every traffic light? Coincidence? I think NOT! If you’re stressing about something, it will always bring you the exact results that you’re stressing about!

So, with that being said, get excited, and put it out there! Be enthusiastic, ASK for what you want, work hard gaining the knowledge you need, and trust the process! Be sure to give yourself ALL the opportunities for the universe to deliver!

When you openly offer yourself to whatever may present itself, trusting that things will align…mind blowing shit will happen! Suddenly, you’ll meet the right person, at the right time, with the right opportunity, information ect. presented!

Sooo, NOW’s the hard part…how to NOT…be impatient, get discouraged and how to get back on that positive energy train! First of all, know that you’re going to have days where you throw in the towel, it’s a given! BUT, don’t worry! Practice mindfulness(being aware of your thoughts), and as soon as you recognize negative self-talk, replace it with positive! If you’re too far gone and you’re finding it hard, busy yourself doing something you enjoy. Re-direct that thought, like you’d re-direct a child. Give yourself love and understanding and soon you’ll be back on the train!

The other thing you need to know, is that it’s important to keep away from negative Nellies! Don’t share your plans with anyone, unless you’re 100% sure that they won’t bring you down. People, by nature, tend to give unwanted opinions that can affect our motivation or worse. I know it’ll be hard not to share your excitement, but trust me, wait until your caboose has reached the top of the mountain! Stay away from anyone or anything that can derail you!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Put it out there, stay positive, stay focused, be mindful and get what you want in your life today!

And, when the results come to be, know that it’s The Law of Attraction giving you exactly what you asked for!

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