She wanders alone with her mind in despair,

Desperate for someone to show her they care. 

So desperate for love,

she excepts all abusers, 

The lack of self-worth, 

she attracts only losers. 

In silence, she suffers from the judgement and sneers, 

She hears all the whispers , as she drowns in her tears. 

She knows not to show them the dark hole inside.

She’s done it before, but

they run and they hide. 

Good friends she thought would be there, blind eyes they have turned. 

She stands alone in her world, feeling lost, feeling burned. 

Her futures uncertain and 

her head’s filled with fear…

Not knowing what’s next,

and who’s going to be near.  

And the truth of the matter is what this shit brings…

It brings a stigma that kills her,  

and now she soars with new wings. 

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