Choose to be around “feel good” friends, those positive people in your life that inspire and support you.  Avoid Debbie downers whenever possible. Negativity is contagious!  Don’t feel guilty for walking away from anyone that makes you feel worse or “less than”, even if it’s family!  If they make you feel empty, or you feel like you can’t be yourself, then they may need to go!  Be true to who you are!  If you are always walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting someone, then how does that contribute to your wellbeing? It clearly doesn’t!  Understand that controlling people will try to control you, if you let them!  This is YOUR life, so don’t give anyone that power!  Be selfish like them.  Think about it.  If they’re trying to control you, then who’s the selfish one?

First start by letting people know how they make you feel.  Give them the advanced warning that you will no longer tolerate feeling this way.  Let them know that you love them, but you need a healthier relationship to continue being part of their life. If they love you, they will put in the effort to fix what’s broken.  Yes, you may lose them, but you may also gain a a better relationship and a more peaceful mind.  

Demand the respect you deserve!  You need to be number one in your life!

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