Buried Emotions

I see in your eyes that your heart has been crying. 

There’s an emptiness there and your smile’s been lying. 

Avoiding emotion, you bury the pain

But it slowly creeps in, tears falling like rain. 

You hide behind your mask, 

so no one will see

Those whispering voices they won’t set you free. 

Beliefs haven’t changed, and you know they pretend…

It’s posted all over, “we support you!” …It’s a trend!

An epidemic of proportion, still you don’t try to speak!

You been there, you’ve done that, 

your mind is too weak. 

Too weak to stand strong.  Too strong to be free. 

Your voice remains silent, You just let it be. 

The triggers,  the memories, they come flooding back,

You hold tight your courage, in hopes you don’t crack. 

You don’t want their sympathy, no pity or such,

You want understanding, “is it asking that much?”

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