I’m An Empath!


I’m compassion, I’m caring, very sensitive too!
My emotions are for all, NOT just a few!

I feel every pain,
a well filled with sorrow,
I try to help all, for a better tomorrow.

I’m not selfish, nor avoiding …my selection is clear
If you’re needing a shoulder …You’re the one I’ll be near.

Regardless, that it pains me, I will smile just the same.
I’ll hold your hand, share your tears, so you won’t feel the shame.

In my heart… I’ll take you home,
then I’ll ponder all the while…
I’ll dig deeper than deep,
to find your old smile.

I’m an empath you see. That’s just what we do.
We take on the world.
We suffer with you!

It’s a gift that I have, but a cursed one too!
I put myself last, in hopes to help you!

Most days I am happy, but some bad ones…a few!
If you’re an EMPATH like me, I struggle like you!

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