Biding Time

I wrote this for those who need to know that they’re not alone! You know who you are! 😘❤️


I struggle today and yesterday too…
my thoughts in such turmoil,
my mind is askew.

What the hell makes me feel, the way that I do?
There’s no rhyme or reason, no answers come through.

I search and I search to find a way out,
no pathway is clear, I can’t find a route.

I’ve done so much work, it can’t be denied.
And although I do get it, My brain feels so fried.

Just lay down, have a sleep,
You’ll feel good when you wake.
A technique I’ve learned, that gives me a break.

Surviving today, no words for this hell,
Not only me, but for my family as well.

The guilt that I feel,
my mind so despaired,
But, leaving this world…
Would hurt those who have cared.

It’s hard to “exist” feeling so dead inside,
I can’t tell the truth, for that reason… I bide.

I bide my time, in hope for what’s needed,
continue my search,
praying answers are seeded.

In the meanwhile…
I smile, I put on that face.
I hope it comes soon.
No longer a chase.

For those not affected, you can’t understand…
It can’t be expected, but please offer a hand!

I’m not asking for anyone to put themselves out,
But the stigma remains and for that….there’s NO doubt!

Judge me not, unless you’ve walked in my shoes,
There’s reasons…I’m me, … it’s not something I choose!

If you’ve read this and you get it, and you truly do care…
Mental health does affect me and I wanted to share!

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